St Johns Camberwell

Volunteer in a Serving Community

St. John’s is a community in which faith and service are nurtured and encouraged.

Where all are welcomed and beliefs are put into action.

Our programs serve the needs of a diverse community –  offering creative programs for youth and families, help for those in need, and inspiring arts and cultural performances.

What Can I Do to Help?

All aspects of our Parish life are enhanced by volunteers, who bring a wealth of talent, time, and enthusiasm to our programs, while making a positive difference in the community.

Volunteers help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Welcoming children and families at Playgroup
  • Cooking meals for those in need
  • Providing warm company for anyone and everyone at our Seniors programs
  • Helping organise concerts and at performances in the church
  • Offering guided tours or joining in our educational programs
  • Singing or performing music
  • Help visiting the sick and elderly
  • Arranging flowers
  • Gardening in the Church grounds
  • Serving at the altar and preparing the Church for worship

Volunteering at St. John’s

We welcome people from all ages, backgrounds and faiths, or none, who are interested in giving some time on a regular basis. If you would be interested in joining our serving community, please contact our Parish Office for further information.

Help is needed on an ongoing weekly or monthly basis, as well as for many once-off projects.

For further information please contact the Parish Office.