St Johns Camberwell

Communion and Confirmation

Sharing in Communion

All who are baptised, of any denomination, are welcome to receive Communion at St. John’s, including children, who may receive at the discretion of their parents. Gluten-free wafers are available upon request. Those who do not wish to take Communion may come forward for a blessing. 

Children and Adults not yet Confirmed but who are wanting to share in Communion are offered preparation and guidance, as an opportunity to explore journeying in faith, and the meaning of Baptism and Communion.


In the early church, Confirmation was part of the baptism service. As the church grew and adult baptism gave way to infant baptism, Confirmation and Baptism were separated.

Today two groups of people come to be Confirmed – those who were baptised as infants but now wish to make their own confession of faith – and those choosing Baptism and Confirmation as adults. 

Confirmation occurs once a year and is a joyous and festive occasion. The Bishop visits to lay hands on each candidate and to anoint them with oil – a rite repeated from the earliest days of the church.

Preparation for Confirmation involves participation in a series of discussion sessions, in which the fundamentals of Christian life and faith are explored. Participation in the life of the parish community for an extended period is also expected.

Please contact the Vicar on or call 03 9882 4851 to find our more about Communion and Confirmation.