St Johns Camberwell

Faith in our future…

Help Preserve St John’s for future generations

For over 155 years, St John’s has graced the Camberwell skyline. Whether as a place of quiet prayer, a monument to inspirational art and architecture, a vibrant centre of creativity and thought, or in service to those in need, St John’s has long stood as a beacon of warmth and welcome.

We are rightly proud of all our parish has achieved. The challenge now is to continue this tradition for generations to come. Those who have gone before us have given us a great gift. It falls now to us to continue this work. To ensure this legacy of welcome and service is sustained for years to come.

The ‘Faith in Our Future’ Appeal

By contributing to St John’s ‘Faith in the Future’ Appeal, you can help ensure our important worship, educational, cultural, and community service programs continue long into the future. Donations to the Appeal are kept separate from general funds and are apportioned in line with endowment principles. Your gift then will be a lasting gift, that will help sustain the ministry of the parish to those who will follow in our steps.

Remembering St John’s in Your Will or Estate

Remembering the parish in your Will or Estate will nurture the souls of those we serve and nourish the growth of our programs. Your support will help ensure that St John’s heritage of worship and community service continues for years to come.

For further information please contact the Parish Office at:

Saint John’s Anglican Parish
552 Bourke Road
Camberwell VIC 3124

Telephone: 03 9882 4851